CHALLENGE: Celebrate Eastwick’s award-wining communication strategies and services and promote the brand through an anniversary event.
GOALS: Chronicle twenty years and present highlights in a digestible format that communicates the impact of Eastwick within the context of the Silicon Valley story.
EXECUTION: Created branded event logo and invitation. Collaborated with team to research 20 years of Silicon Valley facts and Eastwick history, organized and highlighted notable events. Showcased milestones through creation of static infographic and animated motion graphic video formats. Produced a printed version of the gameboard graphic for event guests to sign, as well as a video for live screening and online promotion. 
RESULTS: Educated guests, sparked and promoted discussion about the Eastwick brand and Silicon Valley history. Continued the conversation online after the event with social shares of the graphic and video.
View more photos from the event on the Eastwick Facebook album: 
View more videos from the event on the Eastwick YouTube channel:
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