CHALLENGE: Bring the innovative Enphase Energy message to the market in a time of skepticism about solar power and increase awareness of the cleantech industry’s impact.
GOALS: Use eye-catching design to help people understand Enphase and its impact. Make data relevant and engaging by putting it in context and making it easy to understand. Utilize color, illustration, and messaging to educate viewers and inspire installers and others to share.
EXECUTION: Designed printed advertisement, Earth Day Infographic, Facebook splash page, and one millionth microinverter infographic.
RESULTS: Increased brand recognition and sales through printed advertisement. Promoted milestones through informative graphics and increased social media engagement. Continued the brand conversation online and offline.
Printed advertisement ran in solar vertical publications including Electrical Line Magazine, Home Power, Photon, Solar Industry Magazine, Solar Pro, and Solar Today.
Commemorated Earth Day with a fun, informative graphic that educated viewers on the Enphase cleantech impact. Doubled Facebook engagement on Earth Day alone through installer and consumer “Likes” and sharing. Continued conversation and growth increase as the graphic was shared.
Facebook splash page encouraged users to "Like" the page before entering the homepage, thus increasing social engagement.
Photo infographic was designed to commemorate the one millionth microinverter. The infographic was promoted on the company blog and printed as a poster for the company booth at industry events. 
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