CHALLENGE: Launch an established Australian cloud encryption company in the United States market.
GOALS: Educate financial services and broader IT audience on the importance of security and privacy in the cloud. Position Lockbox as a cloud security thought leader. Inform financial advisors of regulatory compliant cloud-based solutions. Translate complicated technology for a non-tech market. Raise brand awareness.
EXECUTION: Collaborated with Eastwick and Lockbox team to produce a suite of visual communications materials including an infographic, case studies, data sheet, PowerPoint template and investor presentation, newsletter template, and two company overview motion graphic videos. Also worked with UpTrending to redesign the Lockbox website. 
RESULTS: Elevated visual brand. Won media coverage in target publications including CRNBoxFreeITWired Innovation Insights, and American BankerScored “Top 10 Coolest Cloud Launches” from CRN in May 2013. Generated significant sales leads through tradeshow marketing collateral.
Infographic was published on the Lockbox website and on HackSurfer.
Case study design
Datasheet design
July 2013 newsletter featured the "Lockbox Client Portal for Financial Services" video.
This video was geared toward a more general audience and produced for the Lockbox website home page.
This video was geared more towards Lockbox's main clients and audience, the financial market, and was produced for the website industries page. 
Provided website creative direction and facilitated collaboration between Eastwick, Lockbox, and UpTrending teams. 
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