Virtual visits took the place of in-person dinners as part of the Big Cities CDFA grant programming. The Alliance hosted four virtual visits with 33 journalists who attended via the comfort of their own home or office. As part of the Big Cities CDFA grant, these virtual events provided journalists a look into the Paso Robles Wine Community via Zoom.

The Alliance team collaborated with Teuwen Communications to create four themed visits that would capture the attention of highly qualified journalists. Each theme featured three brands who each provided samples for the live virtual visit. Also included were a variety of items that would lend themselves to the theme, such as pasta, mixers, recipe cards, olive oil, salts, coffee, etc.

The themes simply provided a launchpad as producers were able to tell their own unique stories and how that applied to the greater story of Paso Robles Wine Country. These visits proved to be exceptionally successful with feedback from all the journalists being very positive.

When it was clear that in-person visits would not be possible, Carol pivoted a print booklet design to a digital PDF format with embedded hyperlinks. These virtual tour booklets acted as mini media kits containing information about the region as well as the featured wines that journalist sampled during the webinar. 
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