CHALLENGE: With its new R&D center, the Xone, Vodafone was a newcomer to Silicon Valley. They needed to show up in a visible, memorable way, building impact in the Valley and putting a big-name brand into a friendlier, fresher perspective.
GOALS: Draw attention to a new name in town with eye-catching, fresh branding and visual communications. Through use of graphics and consistent branding, spread the word that Vodafone was now in Silicon Valley.
EXECUTION: Designed "Xone" logo, evite, animated video, signage, and name badges.
RESULTS: Captured attention and drove brand awareness with winning brand, graphic, animated, and video communications. Supported all aspects of a successful launch and event with consistent brand communication. Drove relevance and recognition for the “Xone” brand while leveraging the core tenets of its parent brand, Vodafone.
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